My Story

Hey, I’m Jessica. I help people have confidence in their writing abilities. I give them encouragement in order to create the life they desire through their writing and creative mind.

I’m a creative encourager.

I help you to restore your firm, yet free, open mind.

I support writers.

I support artists.

I support free thinkers.

I support people who are ambitious.

I support people with untapped confidence.

My overriding mission is to support you in putting your best self into anything you do–particularly your writing. My message to you: There is no if–know that you can do it.

I’ve been there and I now know that it’s not as tough as you think to change your perceptions.

I understand how it feels when you’re almost there—to the successful part of your life—yet, you still have fears holding you back. Believe me, I get it.

I have spent the greater part of the past 20 years understanding what it is that makes creative people—creative. And why some artists keep going to make work that is soul-anointing—and why others settle.



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