My Story

Hey! My name is Jessica. I’m an artist, educator, mentor, and author.



My scholarly research is on virtual reality and the philosophy of the self. Feel free to check out my dissertation here.

My paintings and drawings center on the human––engaging philosophy and spirit. My recent body of work draws from and integrates the writings of Nietzsche, specifically, The Gay Science and Human, All Too Human. My scholarly interests include Jung, collective consciousness, and creation of the self. You can see my paintings here.

<<Me in my studio>>

I also privately teach, mentor, and work with creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. I help them write, edit, and publish their books with ease, simplicity, and confidence.

I have recently released my first book and audiobook, which you can find on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

<<The book>>

I have earned my BFA and MFA degrees in Painting—and my PhD in Art Theory, Philosophy, and Aesthetics.  I have 4 children, and I’m married to an amazing man. I love traveling, being near water, painting, music, and writing.

I love to see people succeed.

So, get comfortable, check it all out–and welcome! If you’re interested in learning more about your own creative power, please click below to receive my workbook on finding it within yourself.