My Story

Hey! My name is Jessica. I’m a visual artist, writer, and researcher.



I’m also a professor who teaches graduate courses in Philosophy, Art History, and Cultural Studies.

My scholarly research is on virtual reality and understanding authenticity in the digital world.

Further, I privately teach, mentor, and work with creative thinkers.

I believe creativity and the use of imagination are strong forces with which to be reckoned.

I help artists and writers gain clarity, focus on their writing, and complete their projects––including book publishing. I believe every creative individual has a unique story or information that can inspire and help others.

I have earned my BFA and MFA degrees in Painting—and my PhD in Art Theory, Philosophy, and Aesthetics.  I have 4 children, and I’m married to an amazing man. I love traveling, being near water, painting, music, and writing.

I love to see people succeed.

So, get comfortable, check it all out–and welcome!

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