The Development of You

“Reshuffling psychic material unconscious to the individual.” –Skinner

Behavioral psychologist, B.F. Skinner talks a great deal about creativity. He says that one needs to “reshuffle the psychic material” that we don’t understand consciously so we can re-discover it in a conscious way. It’s really just becoming aware of your imagination. What’s going on under there? Awareness marks the beginning of change. Becoming aware of the subconscious thoughts you have rumbling in the background. What cool ideas do you have? Encourage them out. You may be so wrapped up in your life that you may not even understand what great things lurk beneath.

Trust them.

Get back in touch with your child self. Your child mind. That’s where all the good ideas started. Where all the seeds began to nestle. Where are they now? Just re-invigorate them! Don’t be skeptical about this stuff. It’s true, good, and it works.

Life only gets better and better the more you become aware of what it is. And re-connect with who you are. Saying that you can’t do something is a cop-out. Don’t say you’re too old. Or too young. Or you have issues. Have fun with your life. Make it fun. Excuses are too easily made and too easily accepted. Whenever you tell someone you can’t do something, not only are you getting yourself off the hook, but you’re getting the other person off the hook too. Just stop making excuses. It’s not hard to do—if you sincerely want to enjoy yourself.

Creativity is internal.

Creativity begins within the person. The creative juices flow out into the material or physical world. The material world is not what creates the creator. The creator’s mind makes the physical. You are the creator. No need to complain or criticize—instead, begin to understand others and phenomena. By focusing on the inner, you will not need to engage in negative patterns. We don’t know how much we are capable of if we do not put forth effort. This is quite clearly mind. If we think we are frazzled, we are. If we think we are empowered, we are. Simple yet transforming. Be patient with yourself. Create meaning for yourself. Become passionate again, and see that life is a creative experience. Take good care of your mind and spirit. They are always there ready to help you live exceptionally. Your mind will help you accomplish whatever you desire. Be overly kind to yourself. Make the decision to live a life of excellence.

Bringing your unconscious to life.

Many artists, writers, musicians say that when they start doing their work, or they get into the creative zone of genius, they don’t even feel like they’re doing any type of work at all. It’s like they’re in a trance and flowing out their vibes. It’s good. This is pure creative flow. It can come to you any time, of course—but when you are in your element, it is something that is essentially thought-less. It is just be-ing. Right here. Right now. Here, the unconscious is clearly brought into a different waveform. We can see it, feel it, touch it. It’s beautiful.

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