It takes time to write clearly

The two main reasons why it takes time to develop as a writer is because we have to (1) trust our writing, and (2) turn the tables around and realize we are writing to someone else. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a matter of calming the ego and not finding fault with what you’re going to tell the reader.

Feel the inner love–and it will come through in your writing.

Getting clear is all about your self-confidence first. Keep your self-esteem raised. Honor yourself and it will show.

Make time to develop yourself and find your value. Start by appreciating yourself fully inside.

Don’t wait for anyone to give you credit right now. Just begin.

If you wait for someone to give you the go-ahead to be who you’re meant to be, you may be waiting longer than needed. It’s nothing personal, but, you need to take the reins of your life. Take your self-worth into your own hands. Begin by knowing that you’ve already arrived. Give yourself the nudge. Realize, hey, yeah, I am just as brilliant as the next person. Why not me?

Decide to be happy now. Start smiling. Breathe slower. These actions change lives. I took photos of myself for years. I was always serious in the photos. Once I started smiling in the photos, I saw myself completely different—in the best way possible. You need to feel good. Nothing is more important.

Start making quicker decisions. Waiting on answers leads to confusion and procrastination. Grow to understand the importance of making fast decisions now. Thinking with your intuitive mind adds to quicker and more thoughtful decisions.

Stop looking for approval or permission. You don’t need either. Be your own person. Once you are fully involved with your unique self, you will attract the right experiences, people, and miracles to your life.

Rise above it all. Believe in yourself completely. Realize the value you hold—and let nothing stop you.

Your attitude is everything. Keep working on it every day.

So, what does all of this have to do with writing clearly?

We can’t write clearly if we’re not yet clear inside.

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