Change Your Mind

“Whatever you do, you need courage. Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising that tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires some of the same courage that a soldier needs. Peace has its victories, but it takes brave men and women to win them.”
––Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life rushes rapidly, but many philosophies remain valid. Here’s how to change your mind, and thus your life, for the better.

Step 1. Decide today that you will empower yourself.

Most people are not raised to be empowered individuals. If you want to be bigger than your circumstances, you will need to learn how to empower yourself today. Once you learn to be aware of your power, you will naturally teach others the same–by example. How to begin this? Stop asking for permission to be great. Know that you already are perfect in your unique way. Strip away any insecurities and, day by day, let positivity flood over you. You might have to search it out–through empowering books. Instead of allowing lower level thoughts enter your head, listen to some positivity audios on YouTube. Make this a daily habit. You have the power. I used to search for any motivating words for my morning commute when I drove my kids to school (when they went to school). Now, I will listen to YouTube or podcasts while making lunch, or in the evening when the kids go to bed. It’s important to nurture yourself this way, ideally every day.

Step 2. Allow yourself to stop searching for the how.

Once you know what you want to be or do, get to work on it steadfastly and optimistically. Stop wondering how it will work. Don’t doubt it incessantly. Just believe that it will work. When you decide, take action, and know that your plans will occur. Thinking it will work is what you need. Have a definite and clear vision as to what you want to accomplish and do not lose sight of your dream. Once you decide that you will do what you want, little can stop you.

Step 3. Wake up and make conscious and authentic choices that make sense for yourself.

It’s easy to become swayed and believe that what we see or hear from friends or acquaintances is how we should live our lives. Know that no one except for you knows what is best for your life. If family or friends do not understand your life goals, know that you are an individual who can quickly change your life. Decide that what you want to do is doable and can be done. By making authentic choices, you tell the world that you are serious.

Step 4. Decide today that you will stop complaining.

Know that we have the power to believe anything that we want. We are not often told this, but you can easily create your beliefs. You can decide on the values that are important to you. You can choose with whom you spend your time. You choose your career and life path. Everything you live is what you chose. Begin to think bigger and decide what kind of life you would like if you could have it. Start taking little steps each day to live the life you want to live. When you look back next year, and the year after, you will be thankful that you decided to become conscious and make confident decisions today.

Step 5. Stop worrying so much about money and finances.

Yes, it’s important to be responsible and concerned about money. However, if you look at your bank account negatively and spend all of your time figuring out how to get out of debt, you will never have the clarity to decide how to build wealth. Begin to understand that money is simply a tool. Once you have the power over money, it cannot affect you personally. Start thinking about the most efficient way you can create the life you desire. Most people are not taught this either, but if you take the time away from worrying about what you don’t have, you can begin to spend time planning what you want to have! Hint: it’s all about your mindset and valuing yourself.

Decide to become in charge of your life today, believe in your choices, become conscious of who you are growing to become, end the complaining, and think about creating rather than worrying. You can absolutely do it.


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  • wonderful blog post! I agree we need to empower ourselves, because we have the power to be as great as we want to. Many people spend their entire life complaining , and not realize they have the power to change their life. Great blog