How to Write a Book When You Have 4 Children

After I finished my schooling last year, I spent a good amount of time on self-care, relaxation, and learning about Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I researched Shamanism to no end–and I poured myself into the understanding of self-healing. I also devoured everything I could on living a plant-based lifestyle and plant medicine. Studying these areas helped me in many ways… the main way being that I became more connected to nature, to say the least, and understood that we have the absolute power to heal ourselves.

After I was armed with a new connection to the worlds of nature and spirit, I began to toy around with what avenue of my life I wanted to embark on for my career and future. I completed school–and the world was open for me. To say that I tried and failed multiple times in a short period of time is an understatement. I wanted to figure out what I was doing–and what I truly enjoyed doing– in the quickest and most efficient means possible, so I could really get to my passion. I have many interests and I tried almost all of them to see what felt right.

Through trial and error, I started writing a book. It happened in little pieces, here and there. I wrote it pretty quickly and had it printed. When the proof was sent to me, I realized it wasn’t ready yet. At least not ready yet to give out to the public. So, I’ve been re-working it for the past few months. It’s almost complete, and I’m excited about it!

So, how did I do this with 4 children? Always by my side?

Good question.

I made sure to keep to a daily writing schedule. I would write for an hour in the morning and an hour or more at night–when everyone was asleep. During the afternoon, I would spend about an hour doing research, editing, and reading. So, I made it into a new discipline. I did something similar when finishing my dissertation in school, but that was slightly different–since I was in school and working with other people and deadlines. With this, though, I was only answering to myself and worked it out on my own.

The reason why it worked is because I REALLY wanted to do it. Sure, things did go wrong sometimes, stuff happened, I had to take my kids to events and appointments, I had to make dinner… but I really love writing and sharing what I have learned, so I would do it no matter what. I could have made my kids an excuse not to do it, or I could have said why should I bother… but my inner self has this passion to write–and thus, it is almost done.

If you have a passion big enough, you will find a way to do it. You will find a way to get there. Nothing will stop you. If nothing is making you feel that way, it’s probably time to think about what your passion might be. You might need to try around 10-20 ideas first. I did. It was challenging. But I knew something was there. Keep trying.


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